American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at San Jose State University

Welcome to San Jose State University's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) student branch's website. Here you will find valuable information regarding the club and its related activities such as events and project funding.

With more than 35,000 members, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the world's largest professional society, principal voice, and information resource devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The purpose of our student branch is to support the success of San Jose State University's aerospace engineering students. AIAA will provide its members with access to events, workshops, club room resources, research projects, socials, and other related activities that will connect students with professionals and help prepare them for a career in the aerospace industry.

AIAA Officer Descriptions


The Chairman is the branch’s executive officer and shall preside over all AIAA activities. He/she is tasked with not only serving as a guide for AIAA, but also as a motivator and leader for the membership. The Chairman is expected to organize and delegate tasks for all other officers, and shall be available to assist in any area whenever possible. It is his/her responsibility to have complete operational awareness at all times and to hold all officers accountable for their work. The ideal candidate must be able to simultaneously keep track of multiple tasks, be detail-oriented, be able to think clearly and perform rapidly under stress, and above all, must be willing to sacrifice and go the extra mile for the advancement of the club and the SJSU aerospace engineering program. As Chairman, one can expect to work with every facet of the aerospace engineering faculty and student base and must be prepared to dedicate a significant portion of their academic time to the organization.


The Vice Chairman shall assume the duties of the Chairman in his/her absence and shall perform such duties as are generally associated with the office or assigned by the Chairman. The Vice Chairman is expected to assist the chair in any organizational duties, and is tasked with assisting all segments of AIAA. The Vice Chairman is also responsible for the upkeep and security of the AIAA club room, AIAA/SGT display cabinet and all the organization property held within. The position of Vice-Chair is a dynamic one, and any seated member in this position should be ready to assist or fill in for any other position in AIAA.


The secretary is tasked with the responsibility of maintaining AIAA documentation. Duties include, but are not limited to: accepting and organizing all AIAA applications, writing and publishing bi-monthly newsletters, recording all meeting minutes, maintaining accurate information on AIAA's website, and directing all outside correspondence. The secretary is also expected to be the main representative voice of AIAA to both regional and national levels of AIAA. As Secretary you should expect to work with a wide range of people, and always maintain personal and professional integrity.


The Treasurer is responsible for all the finances of AIAA. Duties include, but are not limited to, managing the procurement and disbursement of funds, keeping detailed records of all transactions, representing AIAA at the Associated Students Financial Committee meetings, actively working with student research projects, organizing fundraisers, and ensuring that club resources are used in an ethical manner that is consistent with the values of AIAA and SJSU. As Treasurer, you can expect to work with a wide range of people, from student members and faculty, to the SJSU student government, local businesses, and professionals in the aerospace industry. Organizational skills and the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner are a must. Lastly, the treasurer acts as AIAA’s fiduciary, and as such, one must conduct themselves with the personal integrity that is expected of them.


The Vice-Treasure is the second in command for AIAA's financial committee. The Vice-Treasure is expected to perform all the duties of the treasure in their absence, and to work directly with the Treasure on all club affairs. The Vice-Treasure will also maintains contact with all club sponsored projects and will assist any who are seeking monetary assistance.

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator will serve as the main organizer for AIAA’s many events, which include but are not limited to, general meetings, barbeques, movie nights, professional events, and other AIAA gathering. The Events Coordinator will work closely with the Public Relations officers in planning out events efficiently and effectively. The Events Coordinator is a dynamic position and requires organization, preparedness, and the ability to delegate tasks in order to be successful.

Public Relations

The responsibility of the Public Relations officer is to be the "face" of the organization. The PR officer is in charge of speaking on behalf of the members and officers of AIAA, as well as being able to enhance networking opportunities with other organizations. The PR officer is responsible for advertising the organization, as well as advertising hosted events by sending emails to AIAA members, making announcements in applicable classes, and making fliers, posters, etc. The Public Relations officers will work closely with the Event Coordinator, to effectively and efficiently coordinate Club Events. The PR officer may also conscript a Public Relations Task Force to assist them with enhancing AIAA's campus presence.

Industry Contact

The Industry Lead will be AIAA’s representative responsible for establishing long-standing relationships with the aerospace industry. The Industry Lead is the main event organizer for AIAA’s industry events, which include, but are not limited to, technical and career related talks, industry tours, professional events, and other AIAA industry-related events. The Industry Lead will work closely with the Public Relations officers in planning out and advertising events efficiently and effectively. The Industry Lead is a dynamic position and requires organization, preparedness, and the ability to delegate tasks in order to be successful.

Clubroom Manager

The Clubroom Manager is responsible for clubroom maintenance. Duties include: completing inventory of the snack shack on a weekly basis; go on snack runs as needed; make sure the club room is kept clean and accessible for students; and update announcement board with events relevant to AIAA students.

Technical Lead

The academic year of 2013-2014 has had a significant jump in the quality of technology available to the AE student, and that is in no small part to AIAA. We have spearheaded the research of new possible equipment for the program and suggested these options to Dr. Mourtos. We have also made certain technological conveniences available for the membership, such as the printer. If the AE department is to continue having access to the printer, lab workstationswith contemporary software and future equipment for manufacturing our projects, thendedicated technology officers are necessary for the maintenance and the research of further procurement of such equipment and software.

 As a technology officer you will be maintaining our current equipment, constantly updated access rights to our computers as our membership changes, and keep researching possible upgrades for both: Our AIAA chapter and for the AE department at large (for suggestion for the AE program chair.). It will be your direct responsibility to make sure we never become a program with irrelevant resources again.