American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at San Jose State University

Welcome to San Jose State University's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) student branch's website. Here you will find valuable information regarding the club and its related activities such as events and project funding.

With more than 35,000 members, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the world's largest professional society, principal voice, and information resource devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The purpose of our student branch is to support the success of San Jose State University's aerospace engineering students. AIAA will provide its members with access to events, workshops, club room resources, research projects, socials, and other related activities that will connect students with professionals and help prepare them for a career in the aerospace industry.

This is the official page for San Jose State University's AIAA student run club.

What is AIAA?

AIAA stands for The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and is a professional society focused on the advancement of aerospace engineering. Despite its name, AIAA is not restricted to America; there are over 35,000 members (as of 2004), some of whom are part of international branches, leading innovation in other countries.

The national AIAA website can be found here: This website has a wealth of knowledge, including Journals on Aircrafts, Spacecrafts, Guidance and Control, Propulsion and Power, etc. Being on SJSU's network gives you access to everything this website has to offer for free.

Where does SJSU fall into this?

SJSU is one of the many student branches found throughout the world. SJSU focuses on giving students the opportunity to learn and experience aerospace engineering from the front seat. 

Student projects run throughout the year. There is always something going on whether that be the Design, Build, Fly competition; building rockets; or CubeSATs. This is where the Silicon Valley influence comes into play: students here are encouraged to join a team or come up with their own project. You will be learning along with your fellow classmates and upperclassmen.