American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at San Jose State University

Welcome to San Jose State University's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) student branch's website. Here you will find valuable information regarding the club and its related activities such as events and project funding.

With more than 35,000 members, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the world's largest professional society, principal voice, and information resource devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The purpose of our student branch is to support the success of San Jose State University's aerospace engineering students. AIAA will provide its members with access to events, workshops, club room resources, research projects, socials, and other related activities that will connect students with professionals and help prepare them for a career in the aerospace industry.

AIAA Officers

Kayla Parcero


Hi everyone! My name is Kayla Parcero and I am humbled to be your AIAA chair this year! I was born and raised in the relatively small city of Winnipeg, Canada. I moved to the Bay Area a few years ago and to be in the Silicon Valley, pursuing my passion is something I never thought would be possible. As a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student, I have seen many impossible things become possible with hard work and perseverance. My ultimate goal is to within the aerospace industry concentrating in automatic control systems. I am an avid lover of board games, movies and can always appreciate a good book recommendation!


I became involved with AIAA as an opportunity to find growth in my professional development. I was also an incoming transfer and it was through this organization I met my fellow classmates. Classmates became friends and some have invaluable in my success as a new student here at SJSU. I hope to make meaningful connections with all of you looking for a place that facilitates both academic and professional growth. Being an active member throughout the entire year has been the best decision for my success. I encourage you to do the same and to see what AIAA and its opportunities have to offer you. I am always happy to answer any questions through email. I am also always around campus or in the clubroom, so don’t hesitate to stop me to talk about anything!

Kiana Luongo

Vice Chair,

Hi everyone! My name is Kiana Luongo and I am this academic year’s Vice President for AIAA. This is my 4rth year as an SJSU Aerospace engineering student and my 3rd year as an AIAA officer. I have a special interest in aircraft and I hope to one day be part of a massive project that changes the way we look at air travel. I will do my best to improve our club by expanding its outreach and providing the best club experience for our fellow students. Together we can connect with our interests and build a community to help one another!

Jose Zarate



Noah Keefer


I’m Noah Keefer, I am the secretary for the school year of 18’/19’.  Some things I enjoy to do outside of school involve hang gliding, skydiving, and being outdoors, but I also like to play video games on down time (MHW) and love to nap.  I have worked in the veterinary field since I was 15, which I find to be very rewarding. I am currently a senior with interest in astro and would love to find myself in a job where I was on the front line in space advancement.   

Emily Pippen

Lead Event Coordinator,


Brayan Mendez

Lead Event Coordinator,


Ian Prado de Besemer

Public Relations,

Hi everyone, I’m Ian Prado de Besemer and I am the Public Relations Officer for the 2018-2019 school year. I am very excited to be in this role and look forward to meeting many of our AIAA members during our events. I’m a fifth year at SJSU studying Aerospace Engineering, will be graduating May 2020. I was born in Santa Clara but grew up in SoCal with my mother. Hobbies include, flying, traveling, and cooking. Currently working at Atlantic Aviation located at the San Jose International Airport and as a TA/grader for a professor at SJSU.

Fernando Ferreira

Industry Contact,


Brian Kardos

Industry Contact,

Hi everyone! My name is Brian Kardos and I’m very excited to be your Co-Lead Industry Contact Officer for this academic year! I’m majoring in Computer Engineering and this is my 2nd year being a student here at San Jose State University - entered as a freshman on August 2017. I am from Palos Verdes, CA - SoCal Area or Aerospace Capital in the world - and moved here in the SF Bay Area in order to dive within the high-tech Industry of Silicon Valley…also to take a break from LA a little bit!


The reason why I got involved in AIAA is because I got exposed to the world of Aviation, Space Systems, and Space Exploration at a very young age and I wanted to be with people who have the same interest(s) as I have. When I was small, I used to live right adjacent to one of the runways of LAX Airport and would love to see/hear the jet aircraft taking off right in front of me during the day and night. Also my dad always took me to LAX to see the terminals, the futuristic ATC tower and the aircraft flying over our heads while having some In-N-Out Burger. For Space Systems, my mom (engineer at the Boeing satellite factory in El Segundo, CA) always took me to see satellites getting developed and those systems were really fascinating up to the point that I dreamt of building one and/or having my own! Not only that, the experience of walking on the production floor makes you feel like you’re in another world - 60 ft. high-bay room! In summary, both of these subjects are some of my interests.


As Co-Lead Industry Contact Officer, my goal for this academic year is to organize a ton of “UMMB” (Unique, Memorable, Mind-Blowing) field trips and Industry tech talks to Aerospace Engineering and other Engineering departments! I want to share my passionate experiences to fellow AIAA members and other organizations by initiating these events for the members’ benefit. For starters, during Spring ’18, I voluntarily initiated a SpaceX tour for AIAA! That trip was the best Friday night ever when we all saw mission control, got free frozen yogurt, and took a picture in front of the first-stage. For right now, the event manifest is CLASSIFIED. However, I highly suggest you to participate every-single-one because each of these events will be UNIQUE and will be a BLAST!

I believe _Space = Future_ .

Brandon Baeza

Project Manager, 


Stanley Krzesniak



Joseph Chimenti

Clubroom Manager,

I'm Joseph Chimenti, your clubroom manager for the 2018/9 school year.  Some things about me are: I’m a slight clean freak || gaming is my top pastime || I aim for good sleep every night || I’m a senior || aeronautics > astronautics.  


Tommy Chin

Underclassman Representative,



Czarina Catalogna

Underclassman Representative,