American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at San Jose State University

Welcome to San Jose State University's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) student branch's website. Here you will find valuable information regarding the club and its related activities such as events and project funding.

With more than 35,000 members, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the world's largest professional society, principal voice, and information resource devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The purpose of our student branch is to support the success of San Jose State University's aerospace engineering students. AIAA will provide its members with access to events, workshops, club room resources, research projects, socials, and other related activities that will connect students with professionals and help prepare them for a career in the aerospace industry.

2016-2017 Officers

Jeremiah Montemayor


Hey everyone! My name is Jeremiah Montemayor, and I am incredibly thrilled to be your chairman this year! I was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised on Staten Island. I am currently a fourth year double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Applied and Computational Mathematics. With these two disciplines, my goal is to work as an Applied Mathematician and specialize in Computational Fluid Dynamics. Furthermore, I work as a Workshop Facilitator and am currently facilitating Calculus II.

I came to San Jose State my freshmen year, and I certainly love being here. Finding this professional organization has exposed me to many different aerospace opportunities and connected me with my fellow aerospace classmates. Therefore, one of my goals this year is to provide you with the best experience within this organization.

My hobbies include playing basketball, rock climbing, hiking, playing guitar, and eating sushi. Let me know when you want to go work out and then go to all you can eat!

Victoria Reyes

Vice Chairman,

Hey everyone! My name is Victoria Reyes and I am your 2016-2017 Vice President. I’m a Senior Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student. I joined AIAA because I wanted to meet other AE students and experience the different opportunities that AIAA has to offer. Last year I was your Vice Treasurer and the year before that Public Relations Lead Officer. I decided to become an officer again because I want to continue to help other AE students and give them the same experience I had in the past years. I want students who feel lost, find a place where they can make friends and mentors that they will see throughout their college career. If you see me around campus, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself!

Ian Ramos


Hello, I'm Ian Ramos, your AIAA Treasurer. Although I am a Computer Engineer, I share a deep interest in aeronautics and wish to expand my knowledge in the field. As aircraft and spacecraft advance in their design and function, I see the opportunity to combine the new planes and computers being created today in the hopes of expanding the function and potential uses of aircraft in the future; the first usage of drone aircraft from surveillance to package delivery just being one new ideas being created today. Of course, the new engineers to build this must first learn the know-hows to building what once Science Fiction inventions. As your Treasurer, you can count on me and your other AIAA officers to help you succeed in Aeronautics Engineering.

Kick the Tires and Light the Fires!

Travis Renteria

Vice Treasurer,

Greetings, my name is Travis Renteria, I hope to spend my time inspiring underclass man to take pride in the education they pursue such as I do. I look forward to working with this years members on projects and making fond memories. 


Henry Shih


Hello everyone, my name is Henry Shih, I will be your AIAA secretary this year. My role in this club will be working behind the scenes working on the AIAA website as well as  helping the club reach it's goals be that student socials, events, etc.. I am driven to help all the members and officers with their endeavors as a way to give give back to the club for how much they have helped me and brought me closer to my peers throughout my time here. If anyone of you ever needs help with school or just want to talk you can always find me in the clubroom if I am not in class, so don't be afraid to drop by if you have any question or just want to say hi. I look froward to meeting as many of you as possible this school year.

David Chau

Lead Event Coordinator,

Hello my name is David Chau, I am currently a Senior in Aerospace Engineering at SJSU. I was a Transfer student to SJSU, so I didn't get to fully experience SJSU fully if I was here for 4 years. Because of this I wanted to fully experience SJSU in my short time here which brought me to join AIAA. I thought I would be able to attend a whole range of events that AIAA put on but in reality there were only events geared toward getting students ready for industry and less events about welcoming our new members and helping them transition into college and just simple socialization with my fellow classmates in Aerospace Engineering. This led me to run for AIAA Events Coordinator, I want to plan events that are both helpful to getting student ready for industry but also just to get assimilate into college and college life. I will make it my mission throughout the year to plan and host events that will cater to most of our members desires such as more social events but still informative events for those going off into industry as well.

Alexander Baek

Public Relations,

Hi! My name is Alexander Baek, one of the Public Relations Officer. This year the other Public Relations officer's and I will commit to ensure that AIAA club members and non-members will have fluid communication with the other officers. 

Michael Matias

Public Relations

I’m an undergraduate aerospace engineering transfer in my senior year at San Jose State. I grew up in the beaches of Southern California and traveling is my passion. Live life to its fullest while you’re still able and embrace challenges that come your way. I share a common interest with the AIAA officers in that these spacecrafts and aircrafts are a thing of beauty. Before I die I would love to ride in a fighter jet and experience the power of its engines. So if you know any fighter jet pilots….lets talk!

Joseph Rodriguez

Industry Contact,

Hi, I am Joseph Rodriguez and I am your ‘16-’17 Industry contact.  I enjoy building things with CNC machinery and hand tools.  I have been instructing at Techshop San Jose since January 2015 and currently I teach 16 different skills/machines to members.  At the moment I am concentrating heavily on networking with Aerospace professionals to extend AIAA’s presence.

Angelica Abella

Industry Contact,

Hello hello! I'm Angelica, one of AIAA's Industry Contacts! Nice to meet you :] I'm a 4th yr transfer student from Long Beach State. As a transfer student, I didn't know anyone coming into this major. I remember introducing myself to Jeremiah and Victoria and a yr later, here I am! Haha. Ever since I started this major, I knew I wanted to do spacecraft. Specifically, I'm really interested in propulsion but who knows where this major will take me? Other than aerospace, I'm really passionate about music. I love playing the drums, singing and playing the ukulele, and sharing my passion for music w/ others who feel the same way. I also love staying active! Going to the gym, going on hikes, stuff like that. But yeah, that's me! Thank you for reading :] For whoever's reading, I hope you take advantage of AIAA! Having a sense of community in this industry is important so be active! 


Trung Nguyen


Hello members of AIAA! I’m currently a 4th year aerospace engineering student at SJSU from Orange County. I didn’t know anyone in the area when I transferred here last year. AIAA was the bridge that allowed me to meet more people with similar interests, make new friends, and get involved in school. As your tech lead, I will do my best to reciprocate the same positive experience I received from AIAA to you this year.

One of my duties is monitoring the free printing and scanning service that our club provides to their members. The printer is located in our club room in E240. You will need me or any other officer of AIAA to be present in the club room to print or scan. Please approach me or email me regarding any questions. I spend most of my time at school in E164 or our club room.   

Uyen Sou

Clubroom Manager,

Hey, I am Uyen, one of the clubroom managers. I am hear to keep the snacks coming and you going. Come by the clubroom and purchase some super affordable snacks while you wait for the next class or are just too tired to walk all the way to the 7-Eleven. Feel free to ask me about AIAA and if I cannot answer your questions, I'll direct you to someone who can. Thanks!

Andrew Hoang

Underclassmen Ambassador,

Hello AIAA club members, my name is Drew. I am a aviation and technology major. This is my first year being an officer, and I am really excited to meet every single one of you. My hobbies is racing drones. Flying drones is my passion. I fly 3 times a week. My goal for this year is to bring people into the hobby. I hope to see you guys soon. 


Kiana Luongo

Underclassmen Ambassador,

Hello!! My name is Kiana and I am a Sophomore here at SJSU. I am currently an Aerospace Engineering major and will be specializing in aeronautics and aircraft my senior year. If you are an undergraduate student such as myself, then I will be one of your go to persons. As an Underclassmen Ambassador, my job is to represent you and your needs in this club branch. Also, you will be receiving emails from me about our club times and updates. My dream is to one day be a part of a large aerospace project with a company like Boeing or Lockheed Martin and I hope to inspire you as well with your dreams.

Alexis Marquez Villa

Public Rlations Support Officer, 

Hi all! My name is Alexis Marquez, and I am a Senior working towards a degree in Aerospace Engineering. I was born in Oakland, California but attended high school in Jalisco, Mexico. I recently transferred from Evergreen Valley College with an AS/T in mathematics and physics. I enjoy traveling, swimming, outdoors and music of various genres. I'm always open to meet new people and make new friends.

Foremost, I am serving as part of your 2016-2017 Public Relations team, and along with the other two PR members, we’ll be keeping you aware of a variety of events and activities offered throughout the year, for your academic and/or professional growth. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Kevin Hartman

Event Coordinator Support Officer, 

Aside from my time spent in the AIAA and in class, I enjoy playing trombone and taking pictures.  Right now, I’m very interested in bio-mimicry in aerospace design.  I’m thrilled to be a support officer this year!