American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics at San Jose State University

Welcome to San Jose State University's American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) student branch's website. Here you will find valuable information regarding the club and its related activities such as events and project funding.

With more than 35,000 members, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is the world's largest professional society, principal voice, and information resource devoted to the progress of engineering and science in aviation, space, and defense. The purpose of our student branch is to support the success of San Jose State University's aerospace engineering students. AIAA will provide its members with access to events, workshops, club room resources, research projects, socials, and other related activities that will connect students with professionals and help prepare them for a career in the aerospace industry.

Nereo Alvarez


Hello, my name is Nereo Alvarez.  I am an undergraduate aerospace engineering transfer student in my senior year at SJSU.  Ecstatic is the word I would use to describe my feelings when I arrived here.  I’ve never been surrounded by a community who share my passion for Aerospace and when I met these people, the first thing they told me was to join this student organization.  AIAA at SJSU supported me in my career path in many ways, but the most important to me was the chance to meet my peers.  So many people took the time to mentor me that I sincerely wanted to do the same for others in the biggest way I knew how: by being AIAA at SJSU’s Chairman.

Some of my hobbies include building/flying RC planes, reading comic books (talk to me about Batman!), and playing football.  You’ll most likely see me working in room E164 and if you do, I hope you come talk to me because I’d love to meet everyone and help however I can.


Anton Voloscuic

Vice Chairman,

Greetings comrades! My name is Anton Aleksandrovich Volosciuc and I am your Vice-Chairman, you may address me as Comrade Vice-Chairman. I have transferred over from Foothill College in fall of 2014. Ever since I began my studies here I can’t express how fortunate I feel that I chose our beloved SJSU to fulfill my educational goals. The transition from one college to another would not have been as smooth if it wasn't for AIAA officers. Immediately from the get go I felt welcomed and was helped with any question or issue. This is why I felt obligated to take on an officer position to further promote comradeship between all AE students.

Some of my interest are but not limited to long walks through Tundra, resources acquisition, space exploration, hiking (in Tundra), bears, Star Wars, Lego Star Wars, kayaking, camping, Elite Dangerous.


Ian Ramos


Hello, I'm Ian Ramos, your AIAA Treasurer. Although I am a Computer Engineer, I share a deep interest in aeronautics and wish to expand my knowledge in the field. As aircraft and spacecraft advance in their design and function, I see the opportunity to combine the new planes and computers being created today in the hopes of expanding the function and potential uses of aircraft in the future; the first usage of drone aircraft from surveillance to package delivery just being one new ideas being created today. Of course, the new engineers to build this must first learn the know-hows to building what once Science Fiction inventions. As your Treasurer, you can count on me and your other AIAA officers to help you succeed in Aeronautics Engineering.

Victoria Reyes

Vice Treasurer,

Hey everyone! My name is Victoria Reyes and I am your 2015-2016 Vice Treasurer. I’m a 4th year Undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student. I joined AIAA because I wanted to meet other AE students and experience the different opportunities that AIAA offers. Last year I was your Public Relations Officer, I decided to become an officer again because I want to continue to help other AE students. I want students who feel lost, find a place where they can make friends and mentors that they will see throughout their college career. If you see me around campus, feel free to say hi and introduce yourself! I want a chance to get to know all of the future and current members of AIAA!


John Paul Altura Dela Cruz


Greetings fellow Engineers. My name is John Paul Altura Dela Cruz, and I am your 2015-2016 Secretary. Before I introduce myself, I’d like to thank my fellow AIAA members for allowing me to hold this position.

I plan to graduate in Spring 2016, focusing on Aircraft. In general, I am extremely punctual and hardworking. I aimed to graduate in 5 years but I’m blessed to be able to do it in 4 years. I am young like most undergraduates, but we are all different based on our ‘drive’ to succeed. As a second year member of AIAA, I encourage everyone to join and be part of this organization. I regret not having to be part of an organization like this on my first two years at San Jose State. I wasn’t as involved back then, nonetheless, I am here now. Good luck to all of us on this academic year.

Komal Noone

Lead Event Coordinator,

Hello, my name is Komal Noone. I will be your event coordinator for this school year. I am a senior aerospace engineering student. As event coordinator I want to bring entertaining events to you guys that hopefully will not only revive your spirits but also bring new motivations. Along with my fellow officers I am planning on bridging the gap between the aerospace industry and our academic careers. I’m not going to lie, aerospace engineering was one of the toughest challenges I have to go through but with the help of my fellow peers I can say that I am finally in a comfortable environment that fosters my curiosity. Apart from AE my hobbies include building and flying quadcopters, household projects, indulging in the comic universe and watching movies. You can usually find me in Engr room 164 or zipping around on my skateboard. Come say hello to me and let’s have a chat and see what AIAA can do for you. As part of my senior design project I am currently working on competing in the SAE Aero Design and if you think you would like to help just shoot me an email .


Kevin Surban

Public Relations

Hello Everyone! My name is Kevin Surban, and I am your 2015 – 2016 Public Relations officer! I am a senior in our Aerospace Engineering undergraduate program, and planning to graduate in Spring 2016. I personally really enjoy connecting with people, so I became the Public Relations officer to help AIAA connect with its members. Feel free to say hi to me if you me around campus! I look forward to meeting all of you.



Nick Fisher

Industry Contact

Hi all,

My name is Nick Fisher and I am serving as the Industry Contact for AIAA 2015-2016. This is a new position that has high potential within the organization. My job is to avidly approach industry professionals relating to aerospace, with a disposition of having them share their success stories with AIAA members. The intention is to provide to students first hand accounts and to gain insight into their potential futures.  

I joined AIAA with pride and commitment to the goals of the organization. AIAA has helped garner opportunities, teamwork, and lifelong bonds that will transcend after college. Being active and involved, and proceeding to the end of a college career has relinquished a sense of giving back. My aim is to provide service and learning to those I connect with.


Joseph Burces


Hi my name is Joe and I'm a senior at SJSU. I became interested in planes when I was a kid. I remember building plastic military aircraft models around the age of seven. Eventually I progressed to building and flying model rockets when I was around ten. One day I decided to stuff a model rocket engine into a plastic F-4 Phantom II model, brought it to school and launched it at the playground one summer day. Needless to say it didn't fly well, but I still had a blast. I loved going to the Moffet Field airshows to watch F-18 fighter jets fly and roar across the sky. I piloted a Cessna 172 over the summer and had such an awesome and unforgettable experience. Someday I hope to get my pilots license. I currently work part time as a motorcycle mechanic and also do custom metal machining on the side. When I do find the time, I enjoy hiking various trails around the Bay Area, rock climbing at Castle Rock, and riding my Ducati in the Santa Crus Mountains.


Dondel Briones

Clubroom Manager

Hello friends. My name is Dondel and I am AIAA’s new clubroom manager for fall 2015. In order to make your dreams of a perfect clubroom a reality, I present to you all a haiku:

I am organized

I like to keep my things clean

I like to eat snacks

Have faith in me and I vow to never fail you.


Michael Matias

Public Relations

I’m a transfer student coming from Huntington Beach in Southern California. I’m an Aerospace Engineering major looking to get as much out of college as possible. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has enabled me to meet fellow Aerospace majors and it’s been nothing but an awesome experience. From meeting SJSU AE alumni to visiting NASA Ames, AIAA has presented me with all kinds of opportunities to experience Aerospace Engineering. I’m one of your Public Relations officers so you will most likely hear from me about upcoming events. Good luck on your semester Spartans!

Alyssa Enriquez

Event Coordinator Support

Hi everyone! My name is Alyssa Enriquez and I am excited to be a part of the 2015-2016 events team this year. Last year when I arrived at SJSU, several AIAA members were the first to warmly welcome me to SJSU. Since I have joined, I have made many friends who share the same aircraft and spacecraft interests as me and have had the opportunity to meet professionals in the aerospace industry. This year, I plan to share these experiences with all the new and returning AIAA members. Outside of school, I work at a stealth startup company in San Francisco and enjoy traveling whenever I can. Some of my other favorite things to do include ice skating and paddle boarding. I am excited to meet everyone this year! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Jeremiah Montemayor

Event Coordinator Support

Hey everyone! My name is Jeremiah Montemayor and I am a third year in the undergraduate program at SJSU. I was born in Brooklyn, New York but raised on Staten Island. My most favorite hobbies include hiking, playing guitar, and eating sushi. I am currently double majoring in Aerospace Engineering and Applied and Computational Mathematics. With these two disciplines, my goal is to work as a an Applied Mathematician and use math to make aircraft designs more efficient. Furthermore, I work as a Resident Advisor in the Bricks and as a Workshop Facilitator for Calc II. Therefore, you will find me hanging out at different places all over campus.


Kevin Hartman

Underclassmen Ambassador

As the Underclassmen Liaison it is my responsibility to make sure that freshman and sophomore aerospace engineering students are kept on board with opportunities that the AIAA can offer them.  As an underclassman myself, I understand that we are scattered about taking many different GE classes.  I make sure that AIAA events are scheduled to fit the availability of our underclassmen members.

I started to develop a fascination with aeronautics my senior year of high school; so much so that I decided to make a life out of it.  I was lucky enough to have grown up near San Jose, and I knew that SJSU was an engineering powerhouse.  I graduated and went straight into the program.  With the help of AIAA members, I took me first steps into real engineering, and got involved as an officer.


Tristan West

Tech Support

Hey everyone,

My name is Tristan West and I'm the assistant tech officer for AIAA. I'm a senior and I've been a member of AIAA for three years now. My job, along with the lead tech officer, is to manage the club's tech resources as well as help members of the club with any tech issues they may have. Outside of AE, I like playing quidditch, and I'm a member of the school team. I'm usually in 164 or the club room, so if you see me around, feel free to say hi! I'm looking forward to a great school year!


Matt Zupko

Officer Advisor

Hi everyone! My name is Matt Zupko, and I am the officer advisor for AIAA this year. This position is new, and essentially I provide support with overall logistics for the club, as well as financial matters. Last year I was the vice treasurer for AIAA, which in part what lead me to my current position.

Since I have joined AIAA, it has helped me become more involved throughout the aerospace department. Seeing it grow and move forward is what drove me to become an officer and contribute to AIAA's success at SJSU. My goal is to help our organization run as smoothly as possible, and provide support and resources for aerospace students through all aspects of their education.

I obviously have a huge passion for aerospace, and recently have become greatly interested in orbital mechanics and space travel. Outside of the aerospace field, I'm on SJSU's speech and debate team and enjoy traveling and competing with them. In my free time I love being outdoors, doing things like hiking, biking and kayaking


Zaid Karajeh

Club Room Support

Hello future aerospace engineers, aerodynamicists, rocketeers, and others! My name is Zaid, and I am one of two Clubroom Managers this year! I am a senior in your beloved aerospace department and I have many likes and dislikes. I am a disney fiend, love spacecraft (hint hint for senior design), a student slave, a fencer, and a traveler! As a freshman at SJSU, I was put in algebra but I did not let that keep me from dedicating myself to engineering or graduating five years later (I hope). I joined a master’s liquid rocket project as a freshman and sophomore but left the group when I went to study abroad in England my third year. As I was traveling Europe to enlighten myself, I came across the medieval sport of fencing and decided to establish a fencing club upon my arrival back at SJSU; so I did! A year later, your other clubroom manager and myself decided to compete in the Disney ImagiNations design competition where we became finalists over hundreds of other applicants! Now today, I am your clubroom manager and the graphics design officer for Rocket Club! Now that I’ve told you my life story, I encourage you all to get involved with the Aerospace department!


David Limpiado

Support Officer

Hello AIAA members! I’m David Limpiado, and I serve as a support officer doing the bidding of the other officers. I’m a senior and transfer student from Foothill Community College.

I took on this support role to help connect and support my peers in aerospace because until I met everyone in my upper division classes, I knew zero people from the major, let alone what my major was all about. I’m excited to help out the other officers in whatever way to get you all excited to be in the aerospace engineering major!

Feel free to approach me or any of the AIAA officers with questions or ideas about how we can help you! Otherwise, I’d love to hear how found yourself in AE here at SJSU!

Outside of my classes in aerospace, my interests include astronomy, watching anime and reading manga, attempting to learn Japanese, hiking, cycling, and sketching!